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Our Story

Gioluca was born with a passion for beautiful watches.

In generations gone by, watches were timeless and people were conscious of the clothes they wore and the accessories that went with them. Quite often the accessory of choice was a beautiful watch which helped to complete the outfit they wore.

With this in mind, our young founder went on a quest a few years ago to find a top quality affordable watch with a timeless design but just could not find it. He wanted a watch that would last and stay fresh for years to come.

This is why Gioluca was born.

Our passion is to provide superior stylish timepieces that will last a lifetime, just like the watches from our father’s generation. A watch that has the ability to complement any outfit worn whether it is at a casual lunch with friends or looking stylish and sophisticated in the boardroom.

Designing the Gioluca watch collection was a labour of passion, love and patience.

The result is the stylish and minimalist watch design for both men and women that we see today.